SS Design

Professional Interior Designer.

SS Design is a interior & architecture design firm, located in AHMEDABAD-GUJARAT. Serving residential and corporate-commercial clients nationally.

Company was established in 1996 and ever since it has been involved in creating wonderful spaces with different nature and style. It has focus area like Architecture, Interior Design, Modular Furniture Manufacturing and Prototype Designing. With more than two decade of solid experience in the field and with a strong client Portfolio, the company continues to live up to the Repute built in the market. Strive to deliver the best of the design and services to clients. Along with Corporate –Commercial- Residential Interiors with wide knowledge of material, manufacturing techniques and excellent vendor team, we can assure our clients of quality work and timely project completion.

In our projects We strive to create a perfect interior for you. We often ask about your habits, preferences, hobbies, and other activities.

We believe that personal approach is the only way that helps to create houses, offices, open spaces, that contain everything you need and meet your expectations.

Work approach

Transparency of the work process

Own team of builders and contractors

Full detalization of plans and specifications

Staying in touch during all the project

Independent project management

Verified and certified material suppliers

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