Acropolis mall, Ahmedabad

Frozen Yogurt Store


Joyful frozen yogurt shop

The Frozen you got was in its very naisanth stage when we started doing the franchise of cravings. The Gujarat market was already dominated by big players of milk based ice cream and the concept of frozen yogurt was very new to challenge the taste of regular ice cream.

Quite obviously we had to come up with a very young and glitzy environment to attract more youth. It was a self-serve idea with more interaction between customer and yogurt itself. 

With 8 to 10 different flavours of  yogurt  on offer along with nearly  50 to 70 toppings arranged in a careful way also considering the techno quality of heat emitting frozen yogurt machines to be hidden behind the interesting welcoming wall with a big logo of the store on it was proposed.

Instantly the idea touch the mind of the franchise owner and here was the final product of colourful and vibrant yogurt store with use of bright colours and even brighter wall graphics.